New Carousel for Sale

There are no products that are always selling well in the market, the products have to meet the needs of consumers. But consumers in different periods have different consumption tendencies. Jinshan new carousel for sale continues to develop new products that adapt to consumer demand. So, Jinshan produced a lot of different types of new carousel design in 2018, there is always one that is ideal for you.

Customized carousel is availabel in Jinshan

Full Size Carousel Horse for Sale

Full size carousel horse for sale is one of classical amusement ride. And it is very popular among both kids ...
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vintage carnival ride on horse is available in Jinshan

Commercial Merry Go Round

Commercial merry go round is very popular among kids and adults both at home and abroad. And it is a ...
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Jinshan animal carousel for sale

Large Merry Go Round kiddie Ride

Jinshan large merry go round kiddie ride has other names, such as carousel and roundabout. And when it comes to ...
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luxury 9 seats merry go round at discount price

Zoo Carousel for Sale

Jinshan zoo carousel for sale is a kind of popular amusement ride, it is more popular because of its unique ...
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Old fashioned carousel rotating horses for sale

Antique Carousel for Sale

Antique carousel for sale, you can also call it unique vintage carousel horse or antique horse,  and it is a ...
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Jinshan 9 seats playgroundmerry go round for sale

Animal Merry Go Round

Jinshan animal merry go round for sale, it sometimes has another name animal carousel. And this merry go round is ...
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The history of the carousel

  • Who carried the carousel? In 1860, the first steam-driven carousel in Europe appeared. But to be exact, it’s the Americans who carry the carousel forward. From the second half of the 19th century, the carousel became the most fashionable thing at that time. Both adults and children loved to play, and the carousels were everywhere in the United States.
  • When did the carousel become popular? After the 20th century, the carousel gradually turned to cool and fantasy style. And has become a must-have amusement device in various playgrounds. As time goes by, the carousel is still the protagonist of the playground. Nowadays, there are all kinds of novel carousels in various game fields, shopping malls and other places.
 Jinshan luxury carousel new years eve gift
Jinshan luxury carousel new years eve gift

How does the Jinshan new bright carousel become better and better?

  • Design style innovation. Jinshan amusement has 15 years of production experience, and the carousel has a history of 15 years. Whether it is the horse model and material of the carousel or the image of the horse, the design style has been greatly innovated.
  • Improvement of working principle. In order to follow the development of the times and meet the preferences of consumers. Jinshan has continuously introduced various unique and novel rotating horses in recent years. Products have a good reputation since their launch. In addition to the appearance and shape update, the working principle has also been improved. This change not only reduces the cost of turning horses, but also improves the quality of the carousel.
Jinshan new rotating horse for sale
Jinshan new rotating horse for sale

2018 Jinshan latest luxury animal carousel for sale

  • Various animals model. The new carousel animal themed for sale. Animal carousel breaks through the original shape of the carousel, and becomes a variety of animal shapes, such as lions, dolphins, rabbits, tigers, squirrels, deer, etc. Of course.
  • Customized service. Jinshan offers special customized service based on customers demand, which will make the content of the carousel more abundant and enjoyable. This animal-shaped carousel also fully caters to the children’s preferences. So it is not only a child’s favorite, but also a very popular product for investors.
Jinshan new design animal carousel for sale
Jinshan new design animal carousel for sale

Jinshan novel design and bold innovative ocean new style carousel

Jinshan new design ocean carousel for sale. The ocean carousel is also a new type of children amusement ride, this novel rotating horse has made a big breakthrough in both overall color and design. The overall design has the ocean theme, the color is fresh blue, the pony shape also uses a variety of lovely marine lives, such as seahorse, sea lion, shells, etc. The top of the horse is  a single flying eave with mermaid, seaweed, coral and other cute shapes on it. Such innovative design makes the whole carousel have a strong marine atmosphere, let people love it at first glance.

Jinshan ocean style galloper for sale
Jinshan ocean style galloper for sale

Unique and fun start mode coin-operated new horse carousel is available in Jinshan factory

Jinshan mini coin operated carousel for sale. When it comes to coin-operated carousels, it usually refers to 3 seats and 6 seats carousels. This coin-operated carousel is very popular among kids for its fun start-up mode. Because the size of the mini carousel is relatively small, the children can climb to the horse and can put the coin into the device by themselves. Once you put the game coin into the machine, the device can run normally. At this time, children will feel as if he is controlling the whole carousel ride equipment. Thus this type of carousel is very popular among children, and it has become hot-selling products because of its low cost and high profit.

unfinished carousel horses for sale in Jinshan factory
unfinished carousel horses for sale in Jinshan factory

When and where can use the new carousel ?

Jinshan bright new carousel for sale has become a symbolic device for the amusement places. General speaking, as long as it is densely populated, you can place  carousel. Such as parks, shopping malls, supermarkets, squares, communities, zoos, aquariums and even scenic spots. The new carousel not only have a variety of installation venues, but also has many use occasions. Such as birthday parties, family gatherings, carnivals, etc. In short, it will bring you unexpected surprises whenever and wherever you use a carousel.

Jinshan full size 36 horses new haven carousel at reasonable price
Jinshan full size 36 horses new haven carousel at reasonable price

How much does a carousel cost?

When you ask me how much is a carousel horse worth, i would like to ask you what the budget is. Because Jinshan can customize the carousel according to your budget and venue size. If your budget is not high, we recommend a new mini rotating horse. The cost of a small carousel is not high, but the income is very optimistic. When you accumulate enough funds, you can consider investing in a larger ocean carousel or animal carousel ride. So your business will grow bigger and you will also become richer. But sometimes you can’t just consider the carousel price, the quality of the product is also a key issue for you. And the cost-effective product is the most ideal investment product. Jinshan products are of high quality and low price, so we will be the best partner of your business.

Jinshan carnival cars merry go round rides
Jinshan carnival cars merry go round rides

Welcome to contact Jinshan manufacturer in time

Christmas is on the way, that means a grand festival is waiting for all of us. Every holiday, Jinshan will be grateful to new and old customers. whether it is a carousel or other amusement rides will give an attractive discount, so please seize this opportunity. Where can i buy a carousel horse? Please contact us for more information about products, we will give you the most timely response.

Carousel Horse Ride Technical Parameters Reference

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx2m 220v 500w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ2.2mx2.5m 220v 800w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ4.8mx4.5m 220v 3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
16 Seats Φ5.5mx4.8m 220v 3.3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
24 Seats Φ7.5mx5.3m 380v 5kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
36 Seats Φ8.5mx6m 380v 4kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission

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