Fairground Carousel for Sale

With the rapid development of the economy, people’s living standards have been greatly improved. We pay more and more attention to spiritual pursuit and enjoyment, and parents pay more attention to the overall development of children. The playground has also come into being, and it became the paradise for children to play. And you can find fairground everywhere, such as indoors, outdoors, parks, plazas, supermarkets, etc. The playground is like magic, and no child can resist its strong appeal. The fairground carousel for sale has long been an indispensable amusement device for the playground. Dinis fairground carousel for sale has complete specifications, such 3/6/9/12/16/24/36 seats fairground merry go round. At the same time, we also provide customized service. Welcome to buy Dinis fairground rides merry go round.

Fairground Carousel for Sale
Fairground Carousel for Sale

Why Dinis indoor kiddies fairground merry go round for sale so popular among children?

  • Attractive appearance. As we all know that fairground merry go round horse is a kind of non-stimulating amusement ride. So, only beautiful exterior can appeal more passengers. All our Dinis kids fairground merry go round for sale has colorful cartoon designs. It will definitely attract children’s attentation very easily.
  • Safer and interesting. Because fairground carousel for sale is family amusement ride. Its uniform and smooth-running speed is very safe, and it can be safely taken by both children and the elderly. Parents are more concerned about the safety of their children than entertainment. The playground carousel for sale is a amusement play equipment completely designed for children. Therefore, it is very safe. And the beautiful pony and other animal shapes, coupled with beautiful music, they are undoubtedly the children’s favorite.
  • Superior indoor conditions. Generally speaking, the conditions of the indoor amusement park are superior, the decoration is luxurious and beautiful, and the winter is warm and cool in summer. When parents are shopping, the indoor fairground is the best place for children. Not only can parents get enough rest, but children can also have fun. This is why indoor amusement parks are so popular.
  • Extend the life of your equipment. The indoor fairground rides merry go round carousel is far away from the wind and the sun, no doubt this is the best protection for the amusement equipment. The average carousel equipment has a service life of 8-10 years, so the indoor carousel can be used for 10-15 years. Is it great?
  • Longer operating hours mean more revenue. Because the indoor fairground merry go round is not affected by the external environment, it will prolong the operation time. More business hours mean more turnover. This is also why indoor fairground carousel horses for sale are very popular among operators.

Top sale and novel design traditional fairground merry go round for sale

  • What is traditional carousel? In fact, traditional carousel has many other names, such as antique carousel, vintage merry go round, old fashioned carousel and classical carousel horse rides. But all of them are refer to a carousel with historic decoration. And the traditional fairground carousel for sale are usually very luxury and attractive in exterior. Everyone likes beautiful object, so, traditional fairground carousel for sale is very popular among both kids and adults.
  • Wonderful riding experience. The whole device of antique carousel fairground ride for sale give people a sense of sacredness and mystery. When people sitting on the vivid and huge horse or animal, they seem to go back to ancient times through time and space. This is why the antique amusement park carousel is so popular.

What is the price of children’s ride fairground juvenile merry go round modern products?

  • The most affordable simple and mini fairground carousel. No matter what the price of the product is generally determined by its size and decoration luxury level. The same is true for the playground carousel. The cheapest of carousel device is mini 3/6 seats carousel or simple merry go round. Both of them are very hot selling, because they are less in cost but high in turnover. The cost is only few hundred dollars, and you will get net income very soon.
  • The most cost-effective fairground carousel horse. these kinds of carousel are usually referring to luxury and semi-luxury carousel. the cost is about a few thousand dollars, and you will a bigger range of choice. Large or small in specifications, luxury in decoration and main theme. You can choose it freely.
  • Super luxury fairground carousel. These usually refers to customized full-size fairground carousel for sale. Such as Longines carousel that we customized for Longines watch company. It was a super luxury carousel for exhibition use. Our customers are very satisfied with the product and our service. If you need it, we can also customize it for you.
Longines fiberglass carousel horse rides
Longines fiberglass carousel horse rides

How does fairground carousel for sale work?

Outstanding advantage of upper transmission fairground carousel. The rotation of the equipment is realized by the slewing support. However, the ups and downs of the horse are realized by the small motor above the crankshaft. Upper transmission carousel has many advantages, such as low noise, low failure rate, and easy maintenance. However, its cost is higher than that of the lower drive and the imitation drive. But it is a cost-effective product, because higher quality and less failure rate deserve its cost. It will save your time and money about the device maintain and repairment.

  • The Most affordable lower drive fairground carousel. The rotation of the equipment and the ups and downs of the horses depend on the motor below the large plate. The main motor drives the tire and the crankshaft in the middle of the tire to achieve normal operation of the entire equipment. And the lower transmission carousel has lower cost, it will help you get net income very soon.
  • The welcomed imitation upper drive carousel. In order to meet the market needs, Dinis designed and produced the imitation uploaded fairground carousel. This new carousel not only costs less than the upper transmission equipment, but also has the advantage of the upper drive carousel, the quality is much higher than the lower drive carousel. Therefore, since it was put into the market, it has been very favored by investors.
36 seats zoo fairground carousel horse for sale
36 seats zoo fairground carousel horse for sale

Chinese lunar year is coming, great discount is for all fairground carousel for sale

Chinese lunar year is coming, in order to give thanks to our customers, the clearance sale and discount price is underway, and the deadline is still over one week. Please seize this rare opportunity and contact us to know the details and price of the product.

Carousel Horse Ride Technical Parameters Reference

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx2m 220v 500w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ2.2mx2.5m 220v 800w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ4.8mx4.5m 220v 3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
16 Seats Φ5.5mx4.8m 220v 3.3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
24 Seats Φ7.5mx5.3m 380v 5kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
36 Seats Φ8.5mx6m 380v 4kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission

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