Different working principles

3 different working principles of the carousel

According to the different working principle of the rotating carousel, it can be divided into the upper transmission carousel, the lower transmission carousel and the imitation transmission carousel. What are their respective advantages and differences? Generally speaking, the simple portable carousel is lower transmission, and the large luxury carousel is upper transmission merry go round.

How to define the upper transmission carousel?

The rotation of the upper drive carousel equipment is realized by the slewing support. The ups and downs of the horse are driven by the small motor above.Uploading carousel, as its name suggests, is actually the driving force on the top, that is to say, the motor and the structure of the luxury carousel are on the upper layer, which is under the ceiling of the horse. Usually this part is relatively wide, and the main force is the auxiliary frame. The track wheel is only auxiliary force, the outside decoration is beautiful, and the upper drive carousel has many advantages, it is not easy to damage, the general life is maintained to 8-10 years, and the style is numerous, the chassis is extremely uniform and narrow, but the upper transmission The process of turning horses is high, the structure is more complicated, the quality of steel is too high, and the price is much higher than that of the lower drive carousel.

upper transmission carousel
upper transmission carousel

2 different kinds of upper transmission working principle

The advantages of upper drive. Moreover, the upper drive carousel has many advantages, firstly, the noise is small, the failure rate is low, the rotation of the device and the ups and downs of the horse are independently controlled by different motors, and do not affect each other. This makes it easy to repair even if there is a problem, and the maintenance does not affect the normal operation of the entire equipment.

Longines carousel horse rides
Longines carousel horse rides

Different positions of the motor. However, there are two different kinds of upper drive working principle. One is a main motor control all, including the horse’s rotation and up and down. The other is that the main motor controls the rotation of the horse, and the small motor controls the ups and downs of the horse.

Disney child spinning carousel for sale
Disney child spinning carousel for sale

What is the definition of lower drive carousel?

The principle of the lower drive carousel is the opposite of that of the upper transmission wheel. It is mainly the force of the orbital wheel. The support frame is auxiliary force. Although the difference is not big, the process requirements of the two are very different. Moreover, each component of the lower drive carousel is well disassembled, and the assembling mode is relatively simple. Most people can learn it, so the price of the transmission horse is relatively low, such as simple horse turning, which is more suitable for gathering.

New holiday carousel for sale
New holiday carousel for sale

The most popular imitation transmission carousel

In addition, in order to adapt to the market demand, in recent years, the imitation transmission horse has been developed. It is developed based on the characteristics of the upper transmission horse and the lower transmission horse. The price is between the two, and the advantage is that it can be placed. Anywhere, zoos, parks, plazas, etc., are not subject to the restrictions of the venue, that is, the beauty of the upper drive carousel, easy to use, and reduced costs, is a relatively mature set of children’s play facilities in the market.

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