Customized Carousel Horse ride for Longines Watch Company

Excellent customized service is available in Dinis

We Dinis company is a professional amusement ride manufacturer with 15 years experiences. And Dinis carousel horse ride has complete specifications, moreover, we also provide special customized services. Whether it is the size of the horse or the theme and color, we can customize according to customer requirements. The Longines Carousel is a rotating horse device that is customized for Longines Watch company, and it is completely customized to customer requirements. The customer puts strict requirements on the theme color and decoration details of the product, but after communication and discussion, the final agreement was reached. And the customer is very satisfied with our products and services.

Customized carousel is availabel in Dinis
Customized carousel is availabel in Dinis

Customized detailed requirements from our UK client

At the beginning, we and our customers only contacted by mail. Through frequent mail communication, our customers were very satisfied with our products and services. After that, the customers proposed to visit our factory. Of course, we warmly entertained this British client. We reached an agreement through visits and more detailed communication. Many of the details of our customers are also available to meet customer requirements. Such as the number of equipment seats, theme color and logo customization, production cycle and sound effects and lighting system. With more than a dozen details of the customer, we have met all the needs of our customers. So, there is no doubt that this is a very pleasant trade, and we and our customers have become the sincerest friends.

Longines model carousel horses is available in Dinis amusement ride supplier
Longines model carousel horses is available in Dinis amusement ride supplier

The most effective evidence of product quality

Our factory is large in scale and has a group of excellent designers and professional technicians. Welcome to visit our factory. The Longines merry go round carousel we have customized for our customers is the best proof. Our Longines 24 seats Carousel is used in different countries and cities, such as Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu, Beijing, South Korea, etc. The same product was disassembled, installed and moved several times within one year. This is the best evidence of the quality of a product. Whether it is a picture or a video, we can provide it to you. You can also learn more about our factory through video. Meanwhile, our company has a complete set of relevant certificates. All the indicators of all products have passed the quality standards of national amusement machinery and equipment, and we provide the best quality after-sales service, product warranty for 3 years. So, you can buy Dinis products with confidence.

Dinis customized carousel in shanghai
Dinis customized carousel in shanghai

What elements should you concern when choosing customized carousel rides?

There are many different types of customized services. In terms of turning horses, no matter the number of seats, the diameter of the big plate, the height of the equipment, the working principle, the lighting effects and sound system, the theme color and the decorative style, etc. Customized services are all available. However, if you choose a customized product, it will undoubtedly prolong the production cycle and increase the cost of equipment. For example, Non-customized products production cycle are 10-15 days, while the customized product production cycle will be extended to 30-45 days. The production cycle and cost price are also based on the customized project selected. if it is only the problem of the number and size of horse models, it will not prolong the production cycle and increase the cost. However, if the mold is to be re-engraved, the production cycle will be extended and the cost will be increased. while if the amount of customer demand is large, we will reasonably reduce the cost of engraving the mold, and even eliminate the mold fee. These require specific analysis of specific issues.

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