Merry Go Round Carnival Rides

Merry go round carnival rides is a kind of popular amusement park ride kiddie ride. We Dinis has many types of merry go rounds for carnival for sale. Such as vintage carnival rides merry go round with petals; carnival cars merry go round for sale; carnival rides duck merry go round for sale and so on. We have complete specifications, and the most popular carnival merry go round carousel for sale rides are 3/6/9/12/16/24/36 seats carousel horse rides. At the same time, we Dinis can customize special orders according to your requirements. Whether it is the theme structure or size of the carousel, we can customize it for you.

Dinis carnival riding merry go round horse pictures
Dinis carnival riding merry go round horse pictures

vintage carnival rides merry go round with petals are available in Dinis

Dinis vintage carnival rides merry go round with petals belong to a small carousel. it usually refers to 3/6 seats mini carnival merry go round horse rides. And it is different from the ordinary merry go round carnival, the horses of the ordinary carousel are usually ponies. While the merry go round carousel carnival ride with petals contain 3/6 cute bees. And it has no flying eaves, the center pillar is a very beautiful bouquet with three sun flowers. Under the beautiful flowers are cute flying bees, just like a group of cute bees are busy collecting nectar. These unique and vivid designs make the whole equipment very attractive. Because of its cute and charming appearance, it has always become the most eye-catching amusement equipment, so it has become the investor’s favorite investment product.

Dinis pony carousel cute kiddie ride
Dinis pony carousel cute kiddie ride

Dinis welcomed and hot selling carnival cars merry go round for sale

Dinis carnival cars merry go round for sale is a new style carousel horse rides, and its bold design and unique decoration are very popular among the children. It is very different from ordinary horse rides. Because it contains many different cute cars, such as sports cars, trucks, racing cars, fire truck and ambulance and motorcycles, etc. Besides the novel pony designs, the top of the carousel equipment is also very beautiful. The top of the machine is single fly eave with many cute cartoon figures on it. These bold designs make the whole machine very charming and unique. It can always attract the attention of children very easily. Because the car has carriage with safe belt, so it is safer than ordinary merry go round. And it even allows the toddlers to have a ride. So, it is a very good investment product.

Dinis carnival cars merry go round rides
Dinis carnival cars merry go round rides

How much does a new merry go round carnival ride cost?

where to purchase a cheap carnival merry go round? And where to buy horse merry go round like at carnivals? Dinis amusement manufacturer will be your best choice. Our products range in price from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. Such as the 3 horses mini carousel just cost a few hundred dollars. However, the 36 large and luxury merry go round carnival rides cost thousands of dollars. Generally speaking, the larger the product specification, the higher the cost. And we can introduce different types of carousel horses according to your budget. If your budget is not enough, we can introduce small horse rides. Because the cost of mini carousel horse is not high, while the income is very optimistic. If your budget is pretty high, then you can choose from all our products.

hot sale carnival rides in merry go round is available in Dinis factory
hot sale carnival rides in merry go round is available in Dinis factory

What should you consider when buying merry go round carnival rides for sale?

There are always many factors to consider when buying products in our lives. For example, comparing the price and quality of a product with other stores. In fact, it is a good habit. So what factors should be considered when purchasing carnival merry go round for sale? How to buy cheap and high-quality carnival merry go round rides? Let’s discuss it together.

  • The qualification of manufacturer. When you buy a merry go round for your carnival, the first thing you should consider is the qualification of the manufacturer. Because only professional manufacturer can provide high quality products. We Dinis company is a professional manufacture with 15 years experiences
Carnival holiday carousel kiddie rides for sale
Carnival holiday carousel kiddie rides for sale
  • The qualification of factory workers. Because the quality of the amusement equipment is directly related to the personal safety of the passengers, the quality of the product must be strictly required. We Dinis has a number of excellent R&D personnel and skillful technical workers. Products of ore company are popular with all customers at home and abroad.
  • The price of products. As an investor, the most important thing is the price of the product, but we can’t just consider the price of the product. Although the price of some products is not high, the quality of the products is also very poor. Only cost-effective products are the best investment products. We Dinis amusement rides are all cost-effective products.
  • Transportation and delivery. In addition to product quality and price, perhaps your biggest concern is transportation and delivery. As an investor, you definitely want to get the products at the fastest speed. We Dinis guarantee the most timely delivery after receiving the customer’s remittance. Let you put the purchased products into operation in the shortest time, so that you can maximize your profits.
Cheap carnival merry go rounds for sale
Cheap carnival merry go rounds for sale

How to run a carnival merry go round carousel ride to bring you more wealth

How can we make the most commercial value of investment products? This is a question that everyone of us cares about. What should you pay attention to when operating amusement equipment? Following tips may help you.

  • The choice of business site. Regardless of the product you invest in, you must choose a densely populated place. This is especially true for children’s play equipment. Be sure to choose where children often go to play. Such as parks, shopping malls, plazas, communities, playgrounds, zoos and theme parks and even scenic attractions. These are good places to place amusement equipment.
  • Business strategy. After you choose the right place to do business, the right business strategy is also very important. How can we attract more passengers in the early stage of operation? You can take a free trial at the beginning. This will attract the most passengers in the shortest time.
  • How to quickly withdraw funds? When more people are attracted, you can set a fee. If a passenger is charged $10 at a time, then a member can get a 50% discount. In this way, many parents will recharge their cards. This is the best way to withdraw your funds.
luxury carousel merry go round carnival ride in Dinis supplier
luxury carousel merry go round carnival ride in Dinis supplier

How to spend a happy carnival?

How to spend a happy carnival? Of course, the answer is making more money in such a happy holiday. Then please purchase our Carnival amusement equipment in time. New Year is coming, in order to give thanks to new and old customers, we Dinis launched promotion activity, the discount price is waiting for you, please hurry and contact us!

Carousel Horse Ride Technical Parameters Reference

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx2m 220v 500w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ2.2mx2.5m 220v 800w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ4.8mx4.5m 220v 3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
16 Seats Φ5.5mx4.8m 220v 3.3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
24 Seats Φ7.5mx5.3m 380v 5kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
36 Seats Φ8.5mx6m 380v 4kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission

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