Kiddie Carousel Rides for Sale

when it comes to kiddie carousel rides for sale, it usually refers to small kiddie carousel for sale. Such as 3/6/9 seats kids carousel. Dinis small vertical carousel has many different types. And the most popular are 6 seater swing carousel for sale, backyard carousel for sale, 6 ft merry go round for sale{specification} and so on. Due to the cost of small kids carousel is not high, and the income is very quick and high, so the carousel kiddie rides are always the hot selling product. Especial electric 6 seater merry go round and other swing horse rides. Why 6 pony ride carousel for sale so popular? Let discuss it together.

Dinis antique carousel horse for sale
Dinis antique carousel horse for sale

Easy to assemble

Because 6 seater carousel for sale has small size, so it is very easy to move and assemble. Then, how many and how long does it take to assemble? Generally speaking, the big carousel horse usually needs 2-3 persons for 2 days to assemble the device. As for 6 person carousel for sale, one day is ok.

Beautiful appearance with charming lighting and popular music

We all know that carousel for sale is non-thrilling amusement rides. Only beautiful exterior can attract the attention of kids. 6 seats amusement carousels for sale not only have novel design, but also have colorful lighting. What colors are the lights of 6 carosel for sale? The shell of light is transparent and the lights are multi colored. And the color can be customized as your request. What’s more, there is USB on the control box for you to play music. You can download the music you like.

Dinis indoor playground small carousel horse for sale
Dinis indoor playground small carousel horse for sale

How much does it cost for 6 people?

We have sold small carousels to many countries, and some customers have made a second purchase. All the price is very low, it only cost few hundred dollars. Almost every businessman can offer it. So, you don’t have to worry about the investment. It will definitely bring you a lot of profit. And you will get you net income very soon. Such cost-effective amusement carousel ride. Welcome to buy it in Dinis amusement factory.

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