There is no doubt that the circus is quite attractive to people. Children and adults alike like to visit the circus, because there will always be unexpected surprises waiting for us. Then the charm of a circus with merry go round will be even more amazing. Dinis circus carousel to buy has complete specifications, such as mini circus carousel toy, 16 seaters and 24 seaters circus carousel and so on. All the device is equipped with popular circus merry go round music and novel appearance. And the machine has USB that allow you to download carousel circus song by yourself. As we all know that both circus and carousel are popular among kids and adults. So, circus carousel is definitely a good investment product. Welcome to come to Jinsha to buy circus carousel。

Top sale circus carousel merry go round for sale
Top sale circus carousel merry go round for sale

The origin of the circus

The origin of the circus is a group organization for circus performances. It originated from the very bloody and cruel ancient Roman gladiator Colosseum. At that time there was a saying that “only bread and circus” could make the Romans happy. In English, the circus is called “Circus“, which is derived from the Latin word “circle” and refers to the amphitheater. The modern circus also performed in a circular venue, so it evolved into a “circus”. The main content of the circus is the animal performance. It is called “circus” because the protagonist of the earliest performance is the horse, and as it slowly evolved, there were more other circus animal appeared. And circus carousel come into being.

toddler whirligig ride for sale
toddler whirligig ride for sale

Why circus carousel merry go round is a good investment amusement ride?

What is a good investment product? Of course, it is a product that can bring more wealth to investors. Which can help investors make more money as fast as possible. The following statements can help you understand why investing in a circus carousel is your ideal choice?

  • More human traffic. Everyone knows that the circus has always been more attractive to people since ancient times. Not only are children full of curiosity about the circus, but adults and parents are also hard to resist the magic of the circus. Because the performance of the circus is really wonderful, and each performance will always bring unexpected surprises to people. So, you will find that the circus is always full of person. More people mean more passengers, and more passengers means more income.
  • The unique characteristics of the circus carousel. Why is the circus carousel even more attractive than the circus show? Because it fully satisfied the children’s curiosity about the circus animals. The exterior design and decoration of the Dinis Circus Carousel combines the characteristics of the circus. And it completely caters to children’s preference.
  • More attractive circus carousel animals. Dinis circus merry go round for sale is very unique, because the circus carousel uses the children’s favorite animal actors in the circus, such as marine animals and zoo animals.
  • The most cost-effective investment products. What is the most cost-effective product? It must be a small investment, a quick return and a considerable income. The circus carousel fully conforms to this feature. Because we are not the most popular circus carousel in Dinis, but the investor feedback is very satisfactory, many have made a second purchase.

4 kinds of top sale and popular circus carousel

Dinis carousel merry go round has complete specifications, while there are 4 different style of circus carousels are the most popular. They are mini circus carousel, ocean circus carousel, vintage circus carousel and zoo circus carousel. Let’s take a detailed explanation.

Dinis circus merry go round for sale
Dinis circus merry go round for sale

3/6/9 mini circus carousel is available in Dinis

Small circus carousel merry go round is very popular among children. Because it has beautiful appearance and cute decoration. And it usually contains 3/6/9 horses, and it can use carriage to replace pony horse. And the carriage has safe belt for kids, so even the little baby and toddler can have a safe ride. What more, there are two kinds of mini carousel horse rides. One is electric mini circus carousel horse; the other is coin operated small circus carousel merry go round. The coin operated carousel is famous for its unique and interesting start mode. The player just needs to put the coin into the machine, then the device will start working. And it is also very popular for investors, because it can save labor. It does not need investors to stay in front of the equipment, because the passengers can start the equipment themselves.

Dinis coin operated merry go round kiddie rides
Dinis coin operated merry go round kiddie rides


Dinis 16 seats circus ocean carousel for sale

Ocean carousel is a new style carousel merry go round, and it is famous for its bold design and cute pony shapes. The main color of the device is fresh color, and the top of the carousel equipment is simple single flying eave with cute sea fish and mermaid. The most unique feature is the pony shapes, it uses sea horse, sea lion, shell and other sea animal to replace the pony horse. all these novel designs make the device very attractive. Such cute creatures equipped with beautiful music, it will make the children think of the wonderful performance of the circus animals. there is no doubt that the children will be deeply attracted.

Dinis ocean style galloper for sale
Dinis ocean style galloper for sale

Vintage circus musical carousel can be purchased in Dinis

When it comes to vintage carousel, it means the design and decorative style of the carousel equipment is biased towards an antique style. The antique carousel can give people a sense of history, which will make people involuntarily associate with ancient times. Vintage circus music musical carousel is very popular for kids, because it has vivid pony horses and exquisite decoration. And the device has a USB interface, the operator can download the songs most liked by the child. The beautiful exterior with popular music can attract the attestation of children very easily.

Dinis brand vintage circus horse for sale at discount price
Dinis brand vintage circus horse for sale at discount price

24 seats hot selling zoo circus carousel for sale

Children’s love of animals seems to be innate, which is why the circus is so obsessed with children. The 24 seats zoo carousel just fits the child’s preferences. The device consists of 24 different animals, most of which are very popular animal actors in the circus, such as lions, tigers, monkeys, ostriches, deer and so on. Such cute circus carousel animals will make children love it at first glance.

animal carousel is avaiable in Dinis
animal carousel is avaiable in Dinis

Most suitable for mobile operations – mobile circus carousel

Dinis has many types of circus carousel for you to choose, but there is a circus carousel that you will love. That is a mobile simple carousel, this kind of carousel is very suitable for mobile operation business. Because it can be folded and has wheels to move. That is very easy for you to move one circus to another circus. And the cost of simple circus carousel is very low, but your income is very optimistic. You will recover the cost and get a net profit in a short time. That is to say it will bring you more money, and your life will become better and better.

kid moving circus carousel merry go round
kid moving circus carousel merry go round

How much does circus trailer merry go round rides for sale cost?

Trailer merry go round for sale may be the best suitable circus merry go round equipment. Because its most distinctive feature is that it is so easy for investor to move away. The device has a car with wheels, and the whole machine can be folded. When the circus performance is over, you can easily pull the device to another circus venue site. So, we said if you are going to do circus or open-air market business. Trailer merry go round will be your best choice. Cute and novel horse models coupled with beautiful circus carousel music make the amusement ride carousel more attractive. It will draw the attention of both kids and parents immediately. What’s more, the cost is very low. It just cost few hundred dollars, and you will make net income very soon.

trailer merry go round for circus
trailer merry go round for circus

Why should you purchase Dinis circus carousel?

    • Attractive appearance. As we all know that carousel merry go round is a kind of non-stimulating play equipment. So the beautiful appearance is very important for carousel rides. Dinis carousels are all with attractive design and decoration.
    • Professional manufacturer. Dinis amusement company is a professional manufacture with 15 years experiences. And we have a number of excellent R&D and skilled technical workers, all our products all of high quality and are popular both home and abroad.
    • Competitive price. We Dinis has our own factory, so all our product factory direct sale, and there is no the third part.That is to say it will help you save the third part fee, so our price of all products is lower than peer’s. you can buy Dinis circus carousel with confidence.
    • Complete certificate. If you want to operate the amusement equipment business, you must have relevant certificates. Many suppliers do not have relevant certificates at all, which is not guaranteed for the quality of the products. However, we have a complete certificate related to Dinis, such as ISO9001, CE, OHSASI8001, ISO14001 certificates.
    • The timeliest delivery and transportation. In addition to providing high-quality amusement products, Dinis also provides customers with the timeliest shipping and transportation, allowing customers to put their products into operation in the shortest time, so as to bring customers income earlier and faster.
    • Customized service. Dinis offers a variety of special customized services, whether it is product specifications or style, as well as color, decoration, logo, etc., can be customized according to your special requirements, which means we can design and produce a circus carousel fully meets your requirements. So if you like, contact us in time, the New Year is approaching, and the promotional discount price is waiting for you.
  • Carousel Horse Ride Technical Parameters Reference

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx2m 220v 500w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ2.2mx2.5m 220v 800w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ4.8mx4.5m 220v 3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
16 Seats Φ5.5mx4.8m 220v 3.3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
24 Seats Φ7.5mx5.3m 380v 5kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
36 Seats Φ8.5mx6m 380v 4kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission

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