Halloween Merry Go Round

Halloween merry go round is a kind of Halloween theme amusement rides. Not only do children like the Halloween carousel, but adults and even the elderly cannot reject it. Because nowadays, the Halloween holiday has become a big gathering carnival party. During this holiday, people get together to celebrate and enjoy their happy time. Dinis Halloween merry go round with thick festival atmosphere, and we have complete specifications. Such as 3/6/12/16/24/36 seats merry go round carousel horses. While the most popular horse equipment are 13/24/36 seat merry go round rotating horse. Meanwhile, we can customize special order according to your requirements. If you are just entering the amusement industry, Dinis Amusement Co. can design and plan according to the specific size of your venue. Design and produce the most satisfactory amusement equipment for you.

Child Halloween holiday carousel for sale
Child Halloween holiday carousel for sale

How to build a Halloween merry go round carousel horse?

An attractive Halloween merry go round is sure to have a unique holiday feature. Through market research, Dinis studies youth preferences, and the production of Halloween horses is very popular. When it comes to Halloween, the first thing people think of is the pumpkin lantern. The most unique shape of the Dinis Halloween Trojan is the pumpkin lantern carriage. And the orange pumpkin lantern carriage can attract the attention of passers-by in the first time. The second is the decoration of the horse, the whole decoration is mainly candy and ghost. These unique and festive designs make the entire horse-turning equipment more attractive and more popular with children. At the same time, we Dinis can customize special carousel horse according to your requirements.Whether it is the decorative theme or size of the horse-turning equipment can be customized.

Customized carousel is availabel in Dinis
Customized carousel is availabel in Dinis

Welcomed Halloween clown merry go round is available in Dinis

Clown Halloween merry go round is a kind of new style carousel horse ride with beautiful Halloween carousel music. It is different from the ordinary merry go round. The biggest difference is the decoration theme, the ordinary carousel rides is usually very cartoon. However, the clown merry go round is very funny and humor. There are many cute clown decorations on the horse device. When kids sitting on the carousel, they seem to be one of these cute clowns members. Enjoy the fun of music and spinning with them together. These funny devices will certain make the festival holiday more carnival. It will bring more fun to the kids and the whole family. And the carousel park Halloween themed will be very popular among kids and parents. So please email me for more info about carousel rides Halloween themed, and get free enquiry.

Halloween carousel kiddie rides for sale
Halloween carousel kiddie rides for sale

Novel design and top sale pumpkin lantern merry go round carousel for sale

When it comes to Halloween, the first thing people think of is the pumpkin lantern. Because the pumpkin lamp is always the most import element of Halloween, it can always light up the atmosphere of the whole festival, and make the original mysterious Halloween become romantic and lovely. Then the pumpkin lantern merry go round is complete cater to people’s preference for pumpkin lantern. The top of the whole device Halloween carousel pumpkin is full of little pumpkin lanterns. And the theme color of the entire device is the same as the color of the pumpkin. That is the warm color – orange. In the cold winter, such bright warm color warms everyone like the sun. This machine is so popular that has become top sale of 2018. there is no doubt it will become your best choice.

Dinis 36 horses merry go round for sale
Dinis 36 horses merry go round for sale

Where can you find a Halloween carousel horse?

In fact, merry go round carousel horse has become a must-have amusement ride in entertainment place. As long as it is a densely populated you can find one or more merry go round equipment. That is to say both indoor and outdoor are suit for installing merry go round carousel horse. For example, shopping malls, parks, plazas, playgrounds, theme parks, amusement parks, communities, supermarkets, zoos, and even scenic spots. As for indoor venues, although its installation is limited by height, indoor venues also have many advantages. For example, indoor conditions are not affected by weather conditions. The superior conditions of warm winter and cool summer make the indoor Halloween carousel attract more passengers. While, the outdoor venues are generally more open, so there is no need to consider installation issues. And the outdoor Halloween carousel seems to be more festive, so it is also very popular.

luxury carousel gardens halloween themed kids rides for sale
luxury carousel gardens halloween themed kids rides for sale

How to run a Halloween carousel to bring you more income?

As a businessman, you definitely want your products to bring more income to yourself, but only a reasonable business strategy can make your dreams come true. First, you have to choose correct place to do business. Only the densely populated areas are the most suitable places, preferably where children often go to play. Then comes to the business strategy. Just like the custom, celebration for fun is the theme of the holiday. ‘Trick or Treat’ has become a child’s mantra. So, the operator can prepare some candy for the passengers. At the same time, You can wear carousel horse Halloween costume with festive features to attract more passengers. Because everyone knows that Halloween is time for costume, and children will dress up as their favorite roles in different style. Such a beautiful carousel device, coupled with such an attractive dress, will surely become the most eye-catching focus of the festival.

Merry go round with carousel halloween costume for sale
Merry go round with carousel halloween costume for sale

Why should you choose Dinis Halloween merry go round carousel horse rides?

Today, with the rapid development of the amusement industry, you may have more suppliers to choose Halloween theme rides. And it’s a good habit to compare different companies before you buy equipment. However, at the same time of comparing prices, it is more important to consider the quality of the products. The prices of some manufacturers’ equipment are not high, but at the same time the quality is very poor. Only cost-effective products are the best investment products. Dinis Amusement Company is a professional amusement manufacturer with 15 years of production experience. Our amusement rides are not only of high quality but also very reasonably priced. For products of the same quality, our prices are lower than our peers, products of the same price, and our quality and service are of higher quality. Therefore, it is definitely the best choice for your business partner.

Carousel Horse Ride Technical Parameters Reference

Seats Info Occupied Area Voltage Power Speed Working Principle
3 Seats Φ1.5mx2m 220v 500w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
6 Seats Φ2.2mx2.5m 220v 800w 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imitated Transmission
12 Seats Φ4.8mx4.5m 220v 3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
16 Seats Φ5.5mx4.8m 220v 3.3kw 0.8m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
24 Seats Φ7.5mx5.3m 380v 5kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission
36 Seats Φ8.5mx6m 380v 4kw 1.0m/s Upper/Lower/Imiation Transmission

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